Our Values


We desire to be people who not only believe, but also live out our beliefs. As disciples, we are learning how to live and move in this world by following Jesus’ example. Discipleship is about bringing our whole lives under the leadership of Christ: our time, money, goals, everything. Our goal is that we would become more and more like Jesus, as we discover our gifts and the role God has created us to serve in this ministry.


We believe that God created all people to be in relationship with himself, and also with other people. As we spend time in community we realize God’s dream for his church, that we would be one. Through small groups, fellowships, Sunday worship, and other opportunities, we learn, grow, journey, and share life together.


The church is not a stationary community that waits for people to come to us. Instead, we are a community on the move, following Jesus wherever he leads. Mission is why the Church exists. We strive to live missional lives in our community, but also as we serve around the globe. We use the word GLOCAL [global + local] to describe our missional value.


We believe that the church should be a creative place, because our God is the ultimate creator. For us, relevance means that someone else got there first. We desire to be innovative in the ways we seek to connect our community to Christ. Innovation means a new idea or method. As we communicate a timeless message of love and salvation, it is our goal to always use fresh and applicable ways of communicating.


We believe that God created every person as a unique being. We desire to be a community of Christ followers who are real. We don’t feel the pressure to be someone we aren’t; instead we want to live out who we were created to be.


We believe our calling as Christians is to celebrate God. Worship and praise is a natural overflow of our lives because of God’s grace to us through Jesus. As a church, we faithfully gather every week to sing, study, and fellowship as a community. This is a time of corporate celebration of our good God.


Our desire is to have excellence in all areas of ministry. We realize that perfection is impossible for us, because we are only human. We also realize that when we sing, serve, or do any kind of ministry we are ultimately serving Christ. We believe that God deserves our best offerings, so we strive to do everything with excellence.


As we follow Jesus, we embrace the shared responsibility of mentoring. To mentor is to be a guide, advisor, and teacher. Our goal is that everyone at MCC would be mentored by someone, but also have someone whom they are mentoring as well.

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