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The unconventional wisdom of Jesus.

Bad Advice – Week 4 – Bad TimesBad Advice – Week 4 – Bad Times

Feb 27, 2011 with speaker: in series:

Following Jesus and taking the life of discipleship seriously may cost us reputation, popularity, position, financially, and multiple other ways. During the final week of our “Bad Advice” series, Pastor, Josh Scott explains Jesus’ bad advice for dealing with persecution: CELEBRATE!  He doesn’t say go looking for trouble. But he does say that when we are put into a position of sacrifice, even if it is small, we are in a long line of people who have gone before us. We don’t celebrate the suffering, we celebrate what it means: we are receiving something of eternal significance that no amount of suffering can take away.

Bad Advice – Week 3 – Getting EvenBad Advice – Week 3 – Getting Even

Feb 20, 2011 with speaker: in series:

Everyone knows how it feels to be hurt or betrayed. And most likely, we all know the impulse that demands revenge, and eye for an eye. When we’ve been wronged, we often assume that there are only two options: take revenge or become a doormat. For the third week of the series, Pastor Josh Scott explains how Jesus doesn’t call us to revenge, or passivity. Jesus offers a third way, a way of protection, courage, and even life change.

Bad Advice – Week 2 – Getting AheadBad Advice – Week 2 – Getting Ahead

Feb 13, 2011 with speaker: in series:

In week 2, Josh Scott gives us another bit of advice that seems to be the opposite of what we should do.  Jesus’ bad advice for getting ahead this week: Stop trying to be bigger, better, or more important than anyone else. In our culture this is a sure fire way to not succeed or climb the ladder, but in God’s realm, you can gain all that stuff, and still not be great. His Kingdom is about serving others, not being served. It’s about giving, sacrificing, and putting others first. Humility is a defining characteristic of a Kingdom person.

Bad Advice – Week 1 – Overcoming ObstaclesBad Advice – Week 1 – Overcoming Obstacles

Feb 6, 2011 with speaker: in series:

We begin our “Bad Advice” series in Matthew 18 with Jesus’ challenge to cut off our hands and feet, or gouge out our eyes, if they keep us from a life-giving relationship with God. Does Jesus really mean for us to actually do this? Does Jesus want me to gouge out my eye??? During this message, Pastor Josh Scott explains the symbolism behind Jesus’ words, and the challenge that they present to us today.

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