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the surprising, unnerving, painful realization that following Jesus costs us

the COST – Week 5 – The Cost of Familythe COST – Week 5 – The Cost of Family

May 29, 2011 with speaker: in series:

For the final week of our “the COST” series, Pastor Josh Scott compares the “home” to “church” in the way that we think about them. Jesus’s idea of the church was much more family, love, ideas, and experiences than structures, walls, carpet and furniture. ┬áThe death of Jesus brings his family together in a way that only He can do. Although we all have different backgrounds, opinions and preferences, we all become members of a family who work together to do the work of the Kingdom.

the COST – Week 4 – The Cost of Appearancesthe COST – Week 4 – The Cost of Appearances

May 22, 2011 with speaker: in series:

We live exhausting lives. We are busy with life, and family, and work, and everything that we do. Our appearance means so much in the midst of this as well. We want others to see us as “having it all together” no matter what. But we know that this type of attitude brings no honor to God. Pastor Josh Scott reminds us this week that we have to choose what to keep clean; the inside, or the outside. The cost of following Christ includes focusing on who we are much more than what we do.

the COST – Week 3 – Love Always Coststhe COST – Week 3 – Love Always Costs

May 15, 2011 with speaker: in series:

The cost of being a disciple of Christ includes the command to love; love God and love others. While simple in form, how complex this becomes when making decisions. This week, Pastor Josh Scott explains how the way that we love directly relates to how much we have been forgiven. If God’s identity is love, then to be a disciple, we must also do everything in love.

the COST – Week 2 – The Cost of Seekingthe COST – Week 2 – The Cost of Seeking

May 8, 2011 with speaker: in series:

Jesus tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. But, so often, we look for that life, and give up too easily. Pastor Josh Scott encourages us this week to “seek to find”; to search out the kingdom that God wants to create, and is creating all around us, through us, and in us. We must crave this Kingdom, instead of our own, no matter the cost.

the COST – Week 1 – Two Responses to the costthe COST – Week 1 – Two Responses to the cost

May 1, 2011 with speaker: in series:

Following Jesus, in our culture, means so many things. We can say that we’re “religious” or “spiritual”, but does that make us a follower of Christ? According to Jesus, its more than saying you believe in God, raising your hand, praying a prayer, or getting dunked into some water. And although its available to anyone and everyone, there is a cost that is required before we really follow Christ, and its steep; Jesus demands that we abandon our lives, and in losing everything, we can find a life in Him.

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